Announcing StrategyX Finance: An Innovative Leveraged Yield Aggregator | Built on Fantom

There are a lot of income opportunities in the DeFi world, such as liquidity mining, yield farming, staking, etc. However, users may not make full use of these opportunities due to several reasons like the lack of funds, insufficient effective strategies, or simply the inability to grasp the optimal state of earning(too much FOMO). Currently, the fund utilization of most DeFi protocols still sits at a low level.

Furthermore, leverage — being one of the pivotal functions in unlocking full fund utilization — is not optimized for the DeFi users yet. In order to meet the needs of leverage in multiple scenarios, a leverage protocol needs to be able to aggregate multiple profit targets and provides convenient, efficient and verified revenue strategies. Most existing leverage protocols do not meet users’ needs in DeFi and the functionality of leverage has not been fully performed. For instances, Some existing yield protocols have the problem of inadequate incentives and governance, which leads to low long-term APY and delayed strategy integration. Therefore a novel yield aggregator is needed in the DeFi ecosystem that can rapidly integrate high-quality strategies and supports more underlying revenue targets.

StrategyX Finance aims to provide a variety of yield targets and strategies with leverage allowing users to open leverage position on multiple strategies such as portfolio management, yield farming, algorithmic trading strategies, etc.

Core Modules

Efficient Leverage Module: This module implements leverage function based on a liquidity pool with dynamic interest rate.

Creative Yield Aggregator Module: providing diverse yield targets and strategies.

The yield strategy in StrategyX Finance are sorted as Community strategies and Selected strategies. Community strategies are composed and developed by users using StrategyX APIs (including portfolio, policy tracking, Yield Farming, Liquidity Mining, etc.). Users can also choose to share his strategies with the community. The Selected strategies are verified and voter-approved ones based on community governance.

Key Features

l Continuous High Yield from Excellent Strategies and Leverage

Yield strategy Incubation Mechanism in StrategyX offers generous incentives and easy-to-use & visual strategy development toolbox for strategy contributors to continuously bring high APY strategies to users

l Best Yield Adaptation for Different Preferences

Users who prefer moderate yield targets can deposit their asset to the funding pool to bear interests, while those who want to earn more can leverage their yield strategies in StrategyX.

l Full Community Governance-StayDAO

The Community has full control over protocol management including product updates, parameter changes, etc. And users can vote to mark strategies as selected ones for a broad simple choice.

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Newly launched leveraged yield farming protocol on Fantom

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StrategyX Finance

StrategyX Finance

Newly launched leveraged yield farming protocol on Fantom

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